Unchain OK

Helping Dogs Become a Part of the Family


Unchain OK is a program of OAA dedicated to reducing the number of dogs subjected to living on chains. Volunteers provide resources from donors – doghouses, coats, food, trolleys to replace chains, harnesses – to both improve the welfare of the dog and to create opportunities to educate pet owners about responsible pet ownership.

Chaining a dog is the most common form of animal abuse. Research shows that chaining a dog causes behavioral problems as well as mental and emotional trauma. Chaining can kill dogs who can accidentally hang themselves or become too tangled to reach shelter, food, and water. In addition, dogs are pack animals and chaining removes them from this natural instinct.

Your dogs wants to be with you.

You, the human family, have become your dog’s pack.  When not with you, the dog suffers mentally and physically, shut out of the pack and not knowing why.

Chained and Confused

Chained and Confused

If dogs don’t learn how to live with humans, they are more likely to bite.

Your pet is 2.8 times more likely to bite when chained or penned especially is an unaltered male or a mother with pups. Chained dogs suffer from mental and emotional trauma and may act out.

Guard dogs are not chained

Dogs that are chained are not socialized and cannot differentiate between family and dangerous people. To guard a home or family, a dog must be socialized, be part of the family, be inside the house, and learn how to distinguish family from potential danger. Besides, a chained dog can only bark, not guard.

Dogs are not meant to fight.

If you have dogs for fighting, you are breaking the felony law and abusing the animal. The FBI now classifies animal abuse as a serious felony and will investigate and prosecute. Responsible pet owners do not breed, chain, or fight their animals. It’s that simple.

Change a dog’s life!

Bring the pet into the home and family.  Fence the yard.  Take him for walks, it will be a great exercise for both of you.  Play with him, take him to training classes, make the dog a part of the pack!

Riding in a car; Scared

Riding in a car; Scared

UnchainOK is here to help.  Do you need assistance with food, shelter, or fencing?  Our volunteers will work to assist you in providing a happier home for you pet.  Do you know of a chained dog that needs assistance?  Please contact us.

Interested in volunteering and helping dogs become family members, please click here and let us know.

Don’t have time to volunteer, but still want to help?  Click the donate button and select the Unchain option.

Have a few items around your house that you would like to donate to help in our efforts, please check out our Wish List.

In loving arms & a part of a family.

In loving arms & a part of a family.


Unchain OK mission:  Unchain OK is dedicated to helping dogs on chains through education and providing animals in need with food, water, and shelter from the elements.  We are working towards legislation to prevent chaining in the state of Oklahoma.


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Unchain in action

UnChainOK in action and interviewed by KTUL. Click here for the Interview.




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